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21, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- YOGAJEWELZ.COM ,the Montreal-based jewelry makers of exclusive yoga necklaces, bracelets and earrings, is pleased to announce its collaboration with Distinctive Assets, the Los Angeles marketing company which independently produces the "Everyone Wins" Swag Bags that are presented to Oscar nominees in the major acting and directing categories. The recently-launched online jewelry company was approached by DA last November in their attempt to find beautiful niche products that will "impress the unimpressable." Featured bracelet in Swag Bag: Our petite Om solid 14k gold and diamond bracelet. Available in White, Yellow and Rose gold. At this year's awards, YOGAJEWELZ will be gifting their beautiful "good luck" Petite Om solid 14K gold and diamond bracelets. Om, the iconic image of the YOGAJEWELZ brand, is a sacred symbol written in Sanskrit which embodies spirituality, energy and strength. Co-owners and designers Judi and Natalie are hoping this year's nominees will embrace the positive energy and be inspired. "We started our company as a way of giving back. By donating a percentage of all sales to important charities that resonate with us, we are able to live inspired substantive lives. We hope that our bracelets will bring the nominees luck, love, กระเป๋าสตางค์ pantip peace and harmony on Oscar night and every night thereafter!" Created in the spirit of loving kindness for all mankind, the YOGAJEWELZ Om is a constant reminder to live our dreams and to be "omazing." About YOGAJEWELZ Established in 2014, YOGAJEWELZ is the brainchild of close friends and diehard yogis Natalie and Judi. These two moms began their yoga journey over ten years ago with the practice of the Ashtanga Primary Series. Since that time, they have seized every opportunity to learn and to expand their yoga knowledge.

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