An Inside Analysis Of Selecting Central Issues In Bikinis

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It is a bit surprising to see Kobayashi in a bikini, since she doesn't seem like the type to be comfortable showing so much skin in public nor like a woman who would indulge in that particular display of femininity. (After all, she wears a masculine suit to work rather than a dress or skirt.) A bikini really feels out of character, but on the other hand, it does give KyoAni the chance to show off their skills at animating multiple body types, and they did say it was all about the fanservice Of course, it's really not. Manga readers will recognize this as a version of some volume two chapters with Lucoa and her new master added in, which is mostly what ups the fanservice content. The real heart of this section is when Tohru asks Kobayashi about her family and admits that she can't introduce her dragon parents to her new love even if she wanted to, because they'd probably kill her. It's a reminder that Tohru really has abandoned everything to be with Kobayashi her form, her family, and her dragon culture. This is mostly played for a joke, such as last week's bathing discussion or Tohru's off-hand comments about how easy it would be to kill everyone on the beach, but we also see her real pain and conflict coming through at times. She knows that she's become the black sheep of her family by choosing Kobayashi, and as Fafnir has pointed out, there's no way this relationship can last for her entire life. But when Kobayashi asks for a dragon ride, and they share a quiet moment while Kobayashi fishes from dragonback in the middle of the sea, it becomes worth it. For Tohru, the small, almost stolen pieces of time make up for what she's given up.

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